Ask the Charlatan

(Just an announcement to say that I’m gonna reboot this blog soon, the art already makes me cringe, and I’ve worked on the character a lot! I would appreciate questions from everyone to help me get started anew. :) In the meantimes, feel free to check out my art blog!)

What exactly are your powers?

Problem being that most superpowered costumed freaks are immune to my bullshit, so as you can figure, it wouldn’t be extremely wise to legally take the villain status to “Super”, if you know what I mean.

Why would I want to anyway, when I can get most of what I want the easiest way without getting beaten up by buff dudes in spandex?

It occasionally gets boring, but I have ways to entertain myself.

Shouldn’t keep rambling tho. It’s not like any of what I just said was a fact, anyway.

kick poney in his petit derriere 4 me

I can supernaturally lie my way out of anything and my people ask me to kick my associate in the seat.